What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management. It means using technology in a people friendly way, resulting in far more efficient business development, improved customer satisfaction, better internal communication, and increases in the bottom line.

Who we are

logiCRM is an experienced, independent, business focused CRM Consultancy. For many years we have been helping our clients improve their CRM programmes.

We work with medium sized companies, across a range of industries, primarily in the business to business sector. Check out our services, then let’s talk about how to make a real difference to your business generation operations.

CRM is about people as well as technology

Good CRM requires collaboration between different functions and departments, typically sales, marketing and others, needing to share information with each other. The right software combined with a simple and consistent operations means success.

CRM is not just for Christmas

The most successful CRM adopters are those companies who want ongoing change, with management who have a vision for doing things better. Those who want to improve the way their business development works.  Leaders who say, we have done well but ‘we could do so much better’.

The benefits of CRM as your major business development tool

Many companies now recognise the benefits which they can get from implementing CRM and are making significant investments into it. However it has to ‘pay its way’ and show good financial returns (ROI). So what are the benefits which it can bring you?


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