Maintain your Positive Energy

Posted 24 April 2018

P3040690I was involved in running a local event last Saturday and after it finished one of the team members said ‘That worked so well because everyone brought energy’.

That’s so true.  If I was to ask you what type of person you prefer talking to, I imagine the answer is a positive person, it’s a no brainer.  Someone who puts the best side on the things which you say and do, gives advice and takes a collaborative approach, so that you leave feeling good and much better than when you started.

A positive person looks for ways to overcome the negative, can’t do, won’t do approach, which if we’re not careful will drain us and sap our reserves.

Now I know there are times after a bad day when all you want is a good rant or moan – not positivity.  You want someone to agree with you, you want sympathy, you don’t want the smiley, it’ll be all right face which may make it even worse.  Of course there are times like this for all of us, hopefully not often, but putting these aside, generally we respond much better to the can do attitude – and people respond better to us when we take this approach too.

The energy that we need comes to us in two ways.  Firstly from within ourselves, it’s our determination, desire and ambition as individuals – we build our own energy.  But it’s also from outside, from the people we work with, colleagues, team members, family, friends etc.  When we are with a group of motivated positive people, all with the same vision and focus the group takes on a new energy level.  With this type of team the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts as Aristotle said over two thousand years ago.  So things havn’t changed much since then have they!

Of course, we meet those who don’t agree with us.  Members of a motivated team will disagree with each other.  They should, but if everyone is striving for the same agreed goal and focus, this is positive disagreement and extremely healthy.

So maintain your positive energy and keep focused on building it up both internally and externally, for one thing is sure you will definitely need it.

By the way when you are down at the end of the day, I suggest that taking it out on a squash ball or going on a five-mile run is a far more ‘positive’ way of getting over it.  Don’t kick the dog, take him with you!

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