Happy Staff make Happy Customers


I’ve seen various posts recently about employee engagement.  Clearly, it’s the flavour of the month, although, in my opinion, it should be a constant flavour of the year.  Having satisfied, happy and engaged staff should be a top priority, always.

The Chairman of a major supermarket said a few years ago, if your staff are happy then your customers will be as well. Your staff are your interface with the outside world, so the way in which they interact with and are perceived by your customers is crucial.  The more engaged they are, the better this will be.

Here’s an interesting example about a professional friend of mine.  She’s an expert in her field and travels, often at short notice, to give the much-needed advice which is the core of her company’s service.  All the logistics are arranged by the administration department.  Sometimes on arrival, she finds that she has been given the wrong directions, entry forms are not complete and she may have to carry weighty paper files because no laptops are available. All resulting in cost, delays and frustration.

The CEO who believes that the barely adequate administration team can do no wrong, is holding a training session on company values, this weekend.  Ha! Surely the central topic should be to value (and thank) essential staff who go way beyond the extra mile and ensure that everything is done to make their life as efficient as possible.  My friend likes the work but not the company and will, no doubt, be leaving soon.

Good staff engagement is not rocket science.  Being rewarded financially is one way, but it’s not just about money.  It’s about having good leaders at the top and at all company levels who care about and understand the importance of all their staff.  Leaders who generate enthusiasm and motivation within each team and throughout the organisation.

Employees should have a positive reason for coming to the office, it should not be a drudge, so working in a collaborative team environment where everyone is asked their opinion and where all comments are welcomed, no matter how, ‘off the wall’, are crucial parts of building this collaborative spirit.

Acknowledging staff for their contributions, thanking them for good ideas, smiling and patting them on the back should happen every day in your corporate cultural life.

Why not give it a go, it costs nothing and will give the best ROI you’ve ever had!


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