Thought for the Day: Your Customers and Staff are your Greatest Assets

25 May 2018

When generating business requirements, either at the start of your CRM Programme or at any time, think about your customers and your staff.  What information or actions do you expect (or would like) as a customer or as a member of staff.  If you gather all this, you will have made a great start from [...]

Thought for the Day: Let’s put Relationships back into CRM!

24 May 2018

Let’s put Relationships back into CRM! If you are managing an account, you need to know everything’s that’s going on with your clients:  Recent meetings with all parts of the company, all touchpoints, revenues, possible new business, referrals, who knows whom – basically the taxi cab report.  This gives this information at the touch of [...]

Thought for the Day: Not having the label ‘Salesman’ doesn’t mean you can’t sell

23 May 2018

It’s interesting when a business person says they can’t sell – yet it’s clear that they have been successful. They have satisfied clients and have a way of getting more of them.  Isn’t that selling!  In fact any person who achieves this but doesn’t think he can sell, clearly has something special.  So here’s the [...]

Thought for the Day: Best not to mention CRM when someone asks you what you do!

22 May 2018

When someone at a networking event or similar asks me what I do, rather than saying I’m a CRM Consultant, I say ‘I help companies to get more business and look after their customers better’. This generates a much broader and richer discussion and means we talk about business objectives, and what they can and [...]

Thought for the Day: CRM is one of the most difficult applications to roll out successfully

21 May 2018

CRM is one of the most difficult applications to roll out successfully.  Staff from different parts of the company, many with different agendas, all using the same database so consistency, communication and collaboration are essential.  CRM won’t work without it!   #CRM

Thought for the Day: CRM System Design must be done by the Business

18 May 2018

Producing an intuitive but nonetheless full featured CRM system means a difficult balance between providing complex client facing processes needed by various departments with different agendas while keeping it simple to use at the front end. This requires innovative thought and must be driven and decided by the business.  Design needs to be done by [...]

Thought for the Day: Clients – Do as you would be done by!

10 May 2018

Clients are human beings as well, as one of the respondents to my post yesterday said.  Obvious of course but he makes a good point. We have to treat clients with respect, gain their trust, be honest and try and help them where we can.  We need to build the right sort of relationship. As [...]

Thought for the Day: Don’t just meet your clients to sell them something

9 May 2018

How well do you know your existing clients?  Do you meet them regularly just to talk about them, to find out what they are doing and their objectives.  How can you help and work with them to achieve more.  What extra value do you offer over and above the services and products which you provide.  [...]

Thought for the Day: There must be some positive CRM stories somewhere?

4 May 2018

Talking to a colleague yesterday he said ‘Is CRM still a problem then?’ Well when new Accounting, Marketing or Operational systems are rolled out we never hear stories that they, generically, don’t work.  After the vast amount of money spent why does talking about CRM, so often, produce a negative response.  Please let us know [...]

Thought for the Day: Use Sales Commission to effect CRM Change and improve Usage

1 May 2018

Having the decision maker at a prospective meeting is a sales aspiration.  One bank I worked for wanted to record the speed of new business acquisition and the size of the deal for those opportunities where meetings were held with the decision make and those that weren’t.  This ‘out of the box’ thinking raises interesting [...]