Thought for the Day: Do you have the appetite for CRM?

5 August 2017

Implementing a CRM Programme means doing things in a better way.  Inevitably, it means changing the way things are done.  If you don’t have the appetite for this or are unable to determine what these changes should be, don’t start.  You’ll only end up with a worse headache than the one you have already!

Thought for the Day: CRM works – doesn’t it?  

4 August 2017

CRM works –doesn’t it?  Well it depends on what we mean by working.  It works technically, sometimes not in the way which we’d like, however, many people tell me that it doesn’t ‘work’ for them – for all sorts of reasons.  So, here’s the conundrum, why is it that so many successful businesses can make [...]

Thought for the Day: Use CRM to know who knows whom

3 August 2017

Knowing who knows whom is just as important as what you know. It’s much easier to make a call to an unknown prospect or a new division of an existing client, if we mention a name known to that person in our introduction. Such relationship knowledge between colleagues doesn’t have to be intrusive, it’s just [...]

Who actually owns your CRM connections and database?

2 August 2017

With social media and online marketing being daily practice, it is almost impossible to comprehend who ends up with our data? Is it safe in the hands of the beholder? As a society, we have come to realise it is an expectation that local businesses and media outlets are becoming data and behaviour driven. People now [...]

Thought for the Day: Make CRM simple – use the 3 Click Rule

Remember the 3 click rule when designing your CRM processes, be innovative, make it easy and look at it from the end user’s, not the administrator’s perspective. Clearly some operations may require more but for most day to day, repeated operations, such as adding or changing data this is as long as it should take. [...]

Thought for the Day: Involve Sales at the start of your CRM Programme to encourage ownership

1 August 2017

Involve your sales team right at the start of your CRM Programme. As with all functions their input is important and they must be listened to. They will feel part of the programme and will start to take ownership. Let’s face it, all of us are far more likely to support something that we’ve been [...]

Thought for the Day: Innovative thinking to improve Sales Forecasting

31 July 2017

Sales Forecasting – look at innovative ways of paying sales commission based on accuracy, not just revenue. Why should someone who takes much longer than someone else to make a sale get the same reward? Use CRM as a trigger to produce better outputs, improved data quality as well as sales behavioural changes. Let’s start [...]

Thought for the Day: Consider how CRM can be your Client Data Repository

29 July 2017

Data transfer and smooth system integration between operational systems are crucial factors in providing good customer service.  In your data strategy consider how CRM could be your ‘data repository’ for all relevant client information- thus increasing staff knowledge, enabling faster client query turnaround and significantly improving internal communication. Imagine going to just one place to [...]

Thought for the Day: GDPR – Start asap and be compliant by following the rules

28 July 2017

GDPR – Although it’s not coming into force until 25th May 2018, introduce best practice asap. Some IT companies are claiming that their system will make you compliant. Be careful, the only way you can be compliant is by following the rules. This means setting up the correct process and being able to demonstrate that [...]

Thought for the Day: Don’t scrimp on CRM by using a bolt-on module

27 July 2017

Some accounting and other operational systems bolt on a CRM module, sometimes for their own marketing reasons. While this will be fully integrated and means you can get going immediately, it’s best to check that it does what you need it to do. Don’t save on getting the CRM with the functionality that you need [...]