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Change comes from the Top

2 May 2017

I imagine you’ve heard some employees saying, ‘it’s very political here’, when asked about their company.  I have and it started to make me think about what it means, what’s behind it and the effect that it has on the company.  Like most things, it’s the case that it has different meanings for different people, [...]

Improve Corporate Communication and Information Sharing

25 April 2017

I have felt for some time that corporate communication is the most important thing to get right in any company or organisation. It is the case that having consistent, concise and focused external communication for clients and the outside world, is crucial, however this blog focuses on how firms communicate and share client, prospect and new [...]

Happy Staff make Happy Customers

19 April 2017

I’ve seen various posts recently about employee engagement.  Clearly, it’s the flavour of the month, although, in my opinion, it should be a constant flavour of the year.  Having satisfied, happy and engaged staff should be a top priority, always. The Chairman of a major supermarket said a few years ago, if your staff are happy [...]

Your Customers are your best Salesmen!

11 April 2017

I don’t know about you but whenever I get good service it makes a good impression – a smiley face, a welcome or some form of engagement which, in effect, says ‘we pleased to see you today’.  A staff member who, in some way, goes that ‘extra mile’. It may not be written in the [...]

Successful CRM – Seize the Cs

4 April 2017

If you really want your CRM Programme to be a success just remember the Cs.  Some are listed below.  Have them in your mind at the start, middle, end – and ongoing! Client/ Customer – This must be at the top of your C list.  Get the project team to take some time out, regularly, to [...]

So the MD asks ‘Where is the Revenue coming from this Quarter?

28 March 2017

A question most sales people get asked often, maybe dreaded by some. Surely this is one of the most important things which any CEO wants to know and what keeps him/ her awake at night. Many of the senior executives whom I meet give this as their top priority.  It’s so important, not just from a [...]

CRM – What does success look like?

22 March 2017

Is this something that you have considered and, if so, at what stage of the process?   Is it before or after your CRM system has been rolled out? Experience tells me that this question should be asked right at the start of any CRM programme, before approval is given or even applied for, before any business [...]

The Single Point of Truth

13 March 2017

A phrase often heard, but what does it mean and more importantly, how can it be achieved? In any company, all client facing staff must be kept well informed about their customers.  What products or services they take, what they are trying to do, the last time there was any interaction and any outstanding queries or [...]

Why ‘Buy In’ can mean ‘Why not Buy Out’

24 May 2016

Language is important!  There are certain phrases which get used in circumstances where they are not appropriate. For example, the word ‘obviously’ is totally overused, in my opinion. It is stuck in somewhere in a sentence for no apparent reason – it’s often the case that what someone is saying may be obvious to them but [...]

How Effective is your Training?

17 May 2016

My introduction to CRM was when I joined the training team on a global Siebel rollout.  It was wonderful!  Literally we covered the world. As well as being a great experience it gave me a lot of insight into how training could be done far more effectively and here are some of my observations from it: 1. [...]