December 2014 Newsletter

8 December 2014

This catches up on recent events. The main article is 'The Focus on the Customer'. As well as input from two CRM vendors about the benefits of some of their features. What's on, CRM Workshops, Top Tips, Howlers and CDN Networking as well.

March Newsletter

14 March 2014

The main article is on Reducing the Sales Cycle and Managing your Pipeline. What's on, CRM Workshops, Webinars, Top Tips, Howlers and CDN Networking as well.

February Newsletter

31 January 2014

The February Newsletter. The main article is on Culture and how this can affect the success of your CRM implementation. Workshops, Webinars, Top Tips and Howlers as well..

November Newsletter

30 October 2013

The November Newsletter. A Welcome from logiCRM, an introduction to CRM and definition of a CRM Programme which is not just about technology.  Top Tips, The Howlers  and Software Snippets as regular items.