Thought for the day

Where there’s pain there can be gain!

18 July 2018

Is CRM really fulfilling your client servicing and new business generation needs?  Is it meeting the expectations which you had when you rolled it out? Did you have any?  So a suggestion, check out where the most pain and frustration is in your business and start working on that today.  Where there’s pain there can [...]

Make reducing the number of internal meetings a strategic goal in your company!

17 July 2018

Do Meetings get in the way of doing business?  Is too much time spent telling each other internally what’s going instead of getting out into the market to sell and look after clients.  How much time is spent reporting back on what’s happened.  Isn’t there a better way to do this?  To utilise your CRM [...]

Using Positive language when talking CRM is so important.

16 July 2018

Using Positive language when talking CRM is so important. Well when talking anything really! Instead of ‘If’ , say ‘When’. Throw in benefits such as ‘When operational, monthly reporting will be done in 30 minutes rather than 2 days’, Imagine going to just one place and knowing it’s the truth or’ You will be able [...]

Make ‘Sales must use CRM’ one of your Selling Rules

13 July 2018

Here’s a thought for all Sales Directors.  Properly implemented CRM can make significant improvements to the quality of your clients’ servicing and new business generation.  How about having ‘Sales must use CRM’ as one of the golden rules of selling in your organisation.  CRM needs to start (more than) earning its way! #CRM #CRMUserAdoption

Put the Customer at the Heart of your Business

11 July 2018

So another senior Rail executive came onto BBC Radio 4 Today Programme this morning to explain their strategy and to say sorry for all the disruption to travellers.  More weasel words.  The only way things will ever get better is if senior people such as him start think about customers before they do something instead [...]

Use your #CRM to capture the new business information YOU need.

9 July 2018

Use your CRM system to hold all the sales data you need.  Determine what information is crucial to getting new business then set it up so that data entry can be done simply by sales both in the office and remotely.  Sales Director dashboards will give an immediate overview of both individual opportunities and the [...]

I don’t care who enters data as long as it’s entered

2 July 2018

I really don’t care who enters data into CRM, but really care that it’s entered. A critical part of CRM preparation must be to decide what data you want, how it is going to be entered, who has responsibility for doing it and how this is going to be monitored. Why not start to review [...]

Review your Pick List Values to improve Data Quality

28 June 2018

One way to improve the quality of the CRM data which you collect is to review your pick list values.  Don’t have too many items, 6 is much better than 60.  They may be broader but users will be in no doubt about which to choose so you’ll get much better data.  Once the practice [...]

Do a good turn today – it will make you smile!

27 June 2018

Most days are good days, yesterday was a particularly satisfying one.  A good turn was done to me and I did one for someone else – both made me smile.  After a brief chat in a busy Pret a Manger when buying my lunch, the smiley assistant said ‘have the latte on the house’, then [...]

What are you doing differently today to improve User Adoption?

26 June 2018

We all know that CRM is more about people and culture than it is about software.  For sure, sorting out the data is a real challenge and finding the right system can be daunting but both of these are doable in the sense that they can be done.  You know what you need to do [...]