Thought for the day

Make Complicated Requirements Simple

17 October 2017

The real challenge for any CRM project team is to take a set of complicated requirements from various departments and present them to users with many different purposes in a simple way.  This needs plenty of thought and discussion – It is one of the most important tasks on any project..

Let’s put the Relationship back into CRM

12 October 2017

It’s important to say this, again. Lets put the Relationship back into CRM.  Being able to see relationships should be at the centre of your CRM not something that’s just added on later as an after thought.  Who in my company knows someone in the company I am trying to make an approach to?  Simples!

Sales Managers, ensure all sales data is in CRM

11 October 2017

Sales Managers – Are your sales meetings taken up with asking what sales did last week or do you have all the information readily to hand so that the time can be much better spent discussing how the next sales can be made.  Ensure all the required data is in CRM!

Is it time for a CRM review?

6 October 2017

How long has CRM been rolled out in your company and what impact has it made?  Has it matched the objectives and the project success factors which you set when it was implemented.  Is it being used by everyone or just in pockets.  CRM must pay its way – let’s get it back on track.. [...]

‘CRM is not my area’!

2 October 2017

‘CRM is not my area’ – as I was told recently when I contacted a Head of Client Services. Isn’t this one of the major problems? Surely everyone, certainly everyone who is client facing, needs to feel that CRM is their area.  CRM has to be everyone’s area!

CRM must join up Sales and Marketing

29 September 2017

Sales complain that they don’t get enough qualified leads from marketing and marketing complain that they never hear what happens to the good leads they generate for sales.  Both of these must be sorted out.  Define correct usage and data ownership within CRM and related systems.  See internal communications improve, frustration reduce and imagine the [...]

Calling all Sales Directors ref sales forecasting

28 September 2017

Calling all Sales Directors ref sales forecasting.  Does your CRM system give you all the crucial opportunity data and evidence (let’s say the 10 key data nuggets) needed to verify the forecast which your sales team are giving you, in a simple usable format. If not why not?

Low CRM User Adoption raises its ugly head again

27 September 2017

Low CRM User Adoption raises its ugly head again. This is the elephant in the room and must be addressed. It cannot be fixed by software alone (no matter how clever). It needs agreement re what data needs to be updated, simple process, understanding of responsibilities and management to make sure it’s carried out. Let’s [...]

What are the 3 most important things you need to do?

21 September 2017

Make a list of the 3 most important things that you need to do better as a business, i.e. the changes that are needed. Let everyone know and then work out as a group what needs to be done to make them all happen.   Inevitably more effective CRM use will be a major part [...]

CRM needs to pay its way

14 September 2017

CRM needs to pay its way.  To show a return, well, at least, to add value in some way.  What have you been able to do better or to do more of after the CRM implementation compared to before in terms of customer service and new business generation?