Thought for the day

What does having a good relationship with clients look like?

19 March 2018

When companies say they have good relationships with their clients I wonder what good means.  Does it mean mostly getting together for a coffee and talking about the football or does it mean that a rapport has been established which enables both sides to speak freely about the the objectives and capability of the other. [...]

Do you have a CRM/ Customer Strategy or have you just installed some software. 

15 March 2018

Do you have a CRM/ Customer Strategy or have you just installed some software.  What are you plans and longer term goals for your business.  If you are going through an intense period of client growth while keeping an eye on costs and staffing levels, how will you achieve it – how will you maintain [...]

Ask business questions when talking about CRM

14 March 2018

When having a CRM focused conversation with a new contact, it’s far better to ask business related questions.  For example how they look after their clients, where their new business comes from, are they able to track the lead generation journey and how easy is it to generate monthly reports.  Ha this will tell you [...]

Is CRM about Process or Software?

5 March 2018

Recent posts have highlighted an important point.  How much process needs to wrap around CRM software?  There is a body of opinion which seems to think it’s pretty much all about the software – that technology can solve everything.  Others, like me, believe that it has to be a combination of the two, particularly due [...]

Sort out New record Creation to improve CRM usage

2 March 2018

Who creates new account (i.e. company) records in your CRM? There are cases where everyone, particularly all sales just add them.  Some sales check if the company is already there but others don’t, so duplicates are created. This is complete and utter folly – and contributes to poor data and hence non CRM use .  [...]

GDPR – best practice from what many of us have done for years

28 February 2018

One of the main reasons why GDPR has had to be introduced is because some can’t help themselves from abusing the use of emails – by bombarding us with them. These laws will force everyone to carry out best practice, which in it’s simplest form is to ask someone to confirm that they would like [...]

Define the key data that needs to be transferred to your CRM

21 February 2018

As well as providing software to enable good client management, new lead generation and significant improvement in client awareness for all, CRM must be a client data repository.  Define which data needs to be transferred from other systems so that all relevant information can be accessed easily by everyone.  Have the Single Point of Truth [...]

Don’t waste CRM training sessions by discussing what the process should be.

16 February 2018

A CRM Training session should be about training. A strange thing to say but I know from personal experience the time wasted and negativity introduced when attendees say, ‘we don’t do it that way’. Process changes must be explained fully by management beforehand, this is not a job for the trainer.  This training is vital [...]

Sort out CRM Pick lists – Get rid of the Horrors!

12 February 2018

Let’s talk about pick lists for CRM data entry. I’ve seen some real horrors. The list is too long, there are duplicates, similar items are added which causes confusion and even, allowing users to put in their own. Make them short, be clear about what each means and train users. If required, others can be [...]

So sales don’t like management seeing their CRM information

5 February 2018

I’m told that sales don’t like management watching them on CRM. This sounds like another feeble excuse for non use.  In my experience, it’s the sales executives who don’t generate revenue who tend to hide what they do while good producers are quite happy to share. Anyway CRM is about transparency so, given any confidentiality [...]