Thought for the day

Getting data into CRM must be the top priority

2 February 2018

Getting data into CRM must be the top priority, Creative thinking is required. Use whichever technologies are appropriate. Review whether all the data you collect now is needed, define exactly what you do need, determine who is responsible for entering it and make sure people know who’s doing what. Much better to gather 4 or [...]

Improve Sales and Marketing Communication!

30 January 2018

Marketing don’t generate enough qualified leads and we never know what Sales have done to the leads we provide.  Is this how Marketing and Sales communicate in your company? If so, this must be improved,  to show joined-up thinking to clients apart from anything else. Set up your CRM so that everyone can see the [...]

If sales don’t use CRM the answer is not just training!

24 January 2018

If sales don’t use CRM the answer is not just training.  It must be part of a reinvigoration process which says ‘CRM will work’.  This means responsibilities must be agreed, senior executives must embrace it, effective change must be put in place and managers must manage it.  This gives the retraining a much greater change [...]

Has CRM added real value to your sales operation?

23 January 2018

Has CRM added real value to your sales operation?  To what extent has your customer knowledge improved since implementation?  Is the data accurate and can you rely on it? Are sales using it across the board and is this because they want to or they have to? Is it about time to get a proper [...]

Data accuracy is everyone’s responsibility, have a data review. 

22 January 2018

How about a data management review.  Data accuracy is everyone’s responsibility.  It’s much better to have many people entering a few bits of information than a few people entering many.  Define who should be doing what, agree the benefits and roll it out – best in stages.  As with all CRM senior management need to [...]

Focus on the ROI from CRM rather than the cost

19 January 2018

‘How much is #CRM going to cost me’, is a question which is often asked.  #CRM is not just about the price of the system or programme – the most important question is the return and additional value it will bring to the business.  Demonstrate with a simple financial ROI and don’t forget the improvement [...]

‘We’re doing well here, but we could do so much better!  

18 January 2018

To enable real success with your CRM Programme, it’s very important to have a ‘team’ of people throughout the company who are motivated to make it work, who understand the benefits and who will encourage others.  Specifically it’s crucial to have senior executives who say ‘We are doing well here, but we could do so [...]

Initiate a Change Management Programme right now!

17 January 2018

Whether you have a CRM Programme or not, think about initiating a Change Management Programme as a separate strategic stream.  This is not just about improved operational process but about change in culture and behaviours.  This needs some thinking through – but if you did it wouldn’t your company be a great place to work, [...]

Use the term Programme not Project!

16 January 2018

Language is important and because of the nature of CRM, where possible, I would recommend using the term CRM Programme rather than CRM Project.  The word ‘project’ is system oriented, while ‘programme’ is far less techie focused and enables you to encompass all the other key elements which are needed for success.

Review your CRM right at the start of the year!

15 January 2018

Mid January – a great time for a CRM review, what’s working and what isn’t. Make it easier to hit your target for the year with a fully functioning system. There is one simple change you can make this week – that is that users should start to use it!