Thought for the day

The Single Point of Truth (SPOT) is CRM Nirvana

4 December 2017

Getting the Single Point of Truth (SPOT) is the CRM Nirvana and must be your objective, even though it is tough to achieve.  Data integration combined with a master data strategy are key elements so decide what data you need, where it’s going to come from and who has the responsibility for doing what!

It’s great to work with a visionary, crucial for CRM success

30 November 2017

It’s great to work with a visionary – someone who is well respected in the company, has influence (not necessarily the CEO), knows the operations well and has a customer focus.  Someone who says ‘we are doing pretty well here – but we could do so much better.  This will have a big influence on [...]

I really don’t care who enters data into CRM!

28 November 2017

I really don’t care who enters data into CRM, but really care that it’s entered. A critical part of CRM preparation must be to decide what data you want, how it is going to be entered, who has responsibility for doing it and how this is going to be monitored. Why not start to review [...]

CRM is not just for Christmas

27 November 2017

CRM is not just for Christmas. It may look good when you start to unwrap it and the software salesman tells you what features it has and what it can do for your business. But … it’s what they don’t tell you that you need to pay more attention to – i.e. that, most probably, [...]

Spend time discussing how to ask the Tough Questions!

23 November 2017

Ref Sales – let’s talk more about the tough questions.  Use Sales Meetings to discuss the way in which they should be asked.  This is much better use of time, rather than going round the room asking everyone what they did last week – all this information should be in your CRM already!

Improve Sales Forecasting by asking the Tough Questions

22 November 2017

Sales staff need to ask the tough questions, i.e those which appear to be sensitive and which may give the answer NO (which they would prefer not to hear). Much better to know as soon as possible that there is no real opportunity here. Much better for sales forecasting too!

Record every interaction in CRM for Happiness!

13 November 2017

One company I worked for insisted that every interaction (meetings, calls etc) with a client or prospect was recorded as a note in CRM.  Just the facts. Imagine how powerful this is – the complete track record of all contacts.  So when any client rings, everyone is up to date no matter who answers the [...]

If CRM is not working, have a Serious Look at it

10 November 2017

If CRM is important to you and it’s not working, isn’t it time to take a serious look at why?  I mean at a senior level within your company.  You are where you are now, but if it’s not adding substantially to customer engagement or new business development or whatever your expectation when implemented, think [...]

Let’s have Positive Comments about why CRM should be used

9 November 2017

It’s not being used!  How often have I heard this when asking about CRM.  Often followed by all the reasons why it isn’t – all negative.  I don’t know about you but I want to hear something positive.  There are plenty of very good reasons why it should be used.  Let’s start hearing some of [...]

Better to have 5 important items in CRM rather than 20 that are never used!

6 November 2017

Do some users write an essay and others put nothing into your CRM? If so, neither is helpful. Define the data nuggets, the key pieces of data resident in sales and others’s heads which IS needed in CRM to drive the business and work out innovative ways of getting it in. Much better to have [...]