Business Acceleration for Professional Firms


Demand from several professional services firms focused our minds on how we can help improve their entire Business Development approach: acquire new clients and at the same time retain and develop their existing client service.

As clients continue to ask for CRM advice by logiCRM, so it is a natural extension for us to widen our insight into their business and offer them new services.

In many professional firms, legislative change, higher client expectations and an ever increasing complex regulatory environment are important factors in driving a new approach to enhancing client relationships.

Common pressures on doing business which are currently expressed within professional firms are:

  • Continuous pressure to raise fee revenue in difficult economic times
  • Concern that marketing spend often does not realise a good return for the Partner
  • Difficulties in differentiation from competitors
  • The arrival of non-traditional service providers
  • Recognition that professionals need to broaden their client base but lack the tools to do so

What we bring:

  • 70 years of relevant experience
  • A bespoke plan designed in partnership with you, to improve your client acquisition
  • Pragmatic and measureable ways of growing your client base
  • An empathetic style of working, recognising that professional firms value minimal disruption

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