logiCRM has worked with a number of well know companies including FTSE 100 organisations in the financial, banking, information, property, oil, publishing, technology industries as well as in professional services.

In addition, projects have been conducted with a number of SMEs.

Case Studies as follows:

International Property Company, London

4 October 2013

Mike Driver, logiCRM carried out an important piece of work for us in the first half of 2012. At that time we had no agreed process for the distribution of all our email marketing literature to clients and prospects from our UK Head office. It was essential for us to be able to send relevant high [...]

NCB, Jeddah

22 September 2013

My team is responsible for the ongoing management, support and development of our SugarCRM which is used in NCB Treasury.  Mike Driver, LogiCRM carried out a 2 day CRM Workshop in January 2013 attended by all of us.  There were many issues which we needed advice on and it was very useful to have Mike’s [...]