Small Business Clinic – 12.00pm on 26th Feb at the IOD

A small group (maximum 12) will meet to discuss small business efficiency and growth. Alastair Dryburgh will be on hand to lead discussions.  Alastair is a strategist who works with businesses who are impatient to do great things and frustrated with the usual ways of operating.

If you have any issues which you’d like to discuss or you would like to contribute please contact

Attendees can stay on for the CDN Networking event which starts at 1.45pm, if you wish.  Alastair will be speaking at this event. Click here for CDN registration.


Regular Events

logiCRM runs a number of regular events as follows:

CRM Clinics

They are being held in central London, with a maximum of 12 attendees, all active CRM practitioners, from various industries, whose aim is to make CRM the central focus of their company’s business development, lead generation and customer management operations.   It will be software ‘independent’.

An open discussion to share ideas in an open and confidential environment.  To focus on what CRM can do for your business, cultural change needed, user adoption and the processes required to make CRM work.  Everyone will be asked to bring a question so will take some tips away which can be used immediately back at your office.

The next event is on 26th March 2015.

Sales Clinics

Groups of experienced and seasoned sales professionals, who meet to collaborate and discuss the current topics relating to sales generation and the management of sales people.

You may be a leader of a Sales function or working with clients in Sales or selling your ideas to investors.  For you, The Sales Clinic is a rare opportunity to share ideas, confidentially, so that everyone learns from each other and takes away practical ideas. Attendees bring along issues that they have, relating to any aspect of Sales in the broadest sense of the word.

The next event is on Tuesday 23rd September in the IOD, 116 Pall Mall

International CRM Webinars

A group of like minded Marketing, CRM and Administration personnel share tips and ideas to generate better CRM business practice within their firms.

Many of the companies are from law firms, but not all, other company types are joining in.  There are representative from the UK, North America and the Middle East.

Topics discussed include improved system usage (particularly amongst partners) and how CRM can be used for business benefit and revenue generation.  In addition participants share practices which have worked well in their firm, as well as any technical ideas and applications which they have found useful.

The webinar lasts for 1 hour and all participants who are going to attend are asked to submit and then vote on potential topics beforehand.  We aim to have 2 main topics so that we can into some depth.

Many of the participants use InterAction CRM so there is some discussion around this application, however the business related topics apply to all CRM software.

This webinar event started at the end of 2013 and now runs regularly on the third Wednesday of every month at the following times:  4.30p.m. UK time, 11.30a.m. US EST and 8.30a.m. US West Coast.

Please contact Mike Driver at for more information

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