logiCRM has been helping companies improve their business development operations for many years.  Once we know your business objectives and how you work, then we will make recommendations about how you can make your CRM Programme more successful.

You may have a CRM system which is not working for you or you may be looking at CRM for the first time.  Irrespective of ‘where you are’ with CRM, we can help you to ensure it is rolled out and properly embedded.

logiCRM provides the following services:

Reinvigorate your current CRM

Is your current CRM driving your business forward or sitting in the corner gathering dust?  Is it being used by everyone, is the data clean and up to date and is it giving you the comprehensive and incisive reports that you need.

Following our 5 CRM Success Factors methodology, we will review your current operations and quickly identify where things are working and where they are not.

Operational changes will be made where necessary, either with the software or with the process. We will make recommendations and work with you to invigorate your current CRM programme.


Vendor Selection

It’s important that a vendor is one which ‘meets the requirements’.  However as successful CRM is not just about technology there are some other factors which should be taken into account.

A vendor should have experience in data management especially if other systems are going to be integrated.  Data duplications are one of the main reasons why CRM causes frustration amongst users, so they should be able to give feedback from other projects about methodologies and best practices which have been introduced which have successfully dealt with this and other usage issues.  Let’s not reinvent the wheel if we can help it!

They need to have a good business understanding.  In other words that they are interested in working with you to produce a total solution not just in selling software licences.


Changing your CRM and Project Managing the implementation

Have you outgrown your CRM so it doesn’t do what you want. Maybe this the first time you’ve decided to introduce CRM into your business.

In either of these cases, we can give you experienced advice regarding the best route to take.  We will analyse your requirements across all departments and areas of your business, identify the right potential systems, kick the tyres and then recommend a solution which best fits your needs taking into account your budget.  Then we will project manage the implementation.  We will agree the reports you need, ensure that users are involved at all times and understand the benefits that they will get.

In addition we will review your data and processes and make recommendations about data management to ensure that it remains clean and free of duplications.

Finally as well as arranging training, we will agree a user adoption programme to ensure consistent ongoing operational change.

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Dealing with the cultural change brought about by CRM

Improvements in operational efficiency require change. Clearly software and new systems will be introduced, however in order for real success, new and often simpler process will be required and users will need to follow them.

In larger organisations, collaboration between various departments with different agendas and priorities need to be agreed. These create a number of changes and often with compromise to move forward.

All users are given training in the application and the new processes, however in order to embed everything, it is important to have a user adoption and change programme.

The key priority in these situations is to ensure that any business disruption is kept to a minimum so a programme to introduce changes in bite size chunks is often the best way.

logiCRM have had much experience both in developing training programmes but also in the roll out and completion of user adoption and change projects.