The logiCRM 5 Success Factors

Most organisations have made significant CRM investments but in many cases the return (ROI) is either poor or unknown (unmeasured).

Global CRM spend is estimated at US$ 14 billion annually (AMR Research).  In 2009, Forrester Research presented evidence that under 47% of CRM projects ‘fully met expectations’.  It is difficult to get more up to date statistics and an ongoing source of embarrassment.  Is this the elephant in the ‘CRM’ room?

We know from our experience of running projects over many years that the following are the five key factors which will ensure that CRM will be successful. At the start of any project we will go through these with our clients to see how well each one has been addressed. This check enables us to gauge the current and potential status of your CRM Programme.

If any of these factors have not been dealt with properly this will have a effect on the overall success and returns which the programme can bring.

The 5 factors are as follows:


These core principles enable successful client relationship management and will make a real impact on your bottom line.